Aether Brewing has been making the good stuff since 2014. I have had the pleasure of working closely with the team over the years designing their packaging and although I did not design the original Aether Brewing logotype I did design the current version, the brand refresh that you see here. It's not an easy decision to change your logotype, something that has served you for so long but deep down they knew the old logo was not working for them and in some ways, it was working against them. Truth be told it was dated, confusing and lacked any true meaning or context.
Demo worked tirelessly with the Aether team to perfect a logotype and identity system that would serve them well into the future. Playing on the notoriously mispronounced silent 'A' in the word Aether we captured a droplet suspended in space, the fifth element which all good beer drinkers know to be the amber nectar of the gods. As part of the brand refresh the team at Aether wanted to join forces with the local arts community, not something new for them as they have always tapped into their creative side, but they wanted to fully embrace the arts by offering an Artist Amplifier Initiative whereby they support the artist and showcase their talents on their cans. This has led to one of the most visually intriguing and exciting brand rollouts that we have been involved in. We helped develop a punchy tagline "THE ART OF CRAFT" then set about designing the packaging and design templates which were then decorated with amazing artwork. All up an incredibly fulfilling project to work on and one we are very proud to share with you.
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