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Copperface Jacks is a small local bar in Brisbane's West End. The owners wanted to borrow some traditional Irish folklore from a well known establishment in their home nation's capital, and tap into the legend of John Scott, an Irish barrister, judge, and 1st Earl of Clonmel, better known as Copperface Jack. He earned this name along with a reputation for the finer things in life due to his rather bronzed copper like appearance, a common trait amongst some "men of the bar". The logo took on a life of its own when we played up on the Earl's cheeky side profile and took an almost literal interpretation by introducing his face into the namesake copperface. Complete with judge's wig and an ornate typeface we took this design direction and set off to design all manner of applications from menus, merchandise, promotional items, billboards and custom signage which we not only designed but also constructed and installed.