Ben Ellis is a talented author from the UK.  We met in a previous life back in our university days in London and have remained close friends since.  Ben is also responsible for a lot of the content you see on our various design projects. Most notable for us is his work on our Common Ground Brewing where he has somehow built a narrative which adds a subliminal level of detail to the characters we created and is not something you see very often if at all on packaged goods. Each beer can reads like a short story, a character assassination of an otherwise fictitious underworld misfit which is as refreshing as the content of the can itself.  
It's no surprise that when Ben asked if we would lend some creative visuals to his recent book releases we were only too happy to help. This was an interesting process for us as we first received the draft publication which we took as 'the brief'.  We then proceeded to capture various events and built visuals that we felt best portrayed the essence of the story without giving the plot away.  It was an honour to put these book cover designs together for Ben and a creative challenge we accepted with open arms. 
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