ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: This is not our quest to save the planet one design at a time (as much fun as that sounds). Environmental graphic design is immersive design that tells a story throughout a space or place. We can help with planning, navigation, manufacture, and installation.  But more importantly we help with concept and design to ensure a common thread weaves seamlessly throughout your bar, venue, or retail space. So if you're in need of wayfinding, signage, vehicle wraps, or large scale exhibition information graphics we have got you covered.

BRANDING: Ideally our dream project starts with the logotype, designing the brand, and positioning from the ground up. We see this as a truly collaborative process where we fully immerse ourselves into your business to identify your brand essence and what sets you apart from the competition. We will then take you on a journey of discovery to visually interpret your brand personality through a series of concept designs that best represent you and your tribe for today and tomorrow. This process is usually three phase:  concept; design development (define & refine); and final artwork, where you are armed with a new logotype in multiple formats and variations, as well as a stationery kit, and email signatures ready to do business.  From here the real fun begins as we launch your new identity into the unexpected world in all manner of print and electronic media.

APPAREL AND MERCHANDISE: We have been designing for apparel since experimenting with tie dye in preschool! We find it's the perfect vehicle to exhibit our work that would otherwise remain locked away in a sketchbook as just another unborn idea. One of our first ventures into apparel was on the hugely successful public forum site Threadless, where we have several designs and have since gone on to sell our work to The Gap, and Disney while also having one of our designs unexpectedly ripped-off by Calvin Klein.